Due to covoid-19, everyone has suffered a lot. Most of the people have faced unemployment so ultimately shortage of money. No doubt money fulfills our basic essential groceries, utility bills and much more. It’s nearly impossible to survive without money.

The most difficult thing was we can’t leave our homes unnecessarily due to lockdown. Even we were restricted to go anywhere. So trend of online shopping comes to our favor. As people have misconception that if we do online shopping so there will be any defect in a product or maybe it will be of low quality.

On a serious note I think doing online shopping comes to our savior, at least we get groceries, medicines and other essentials just by sitting at home so we don’t have to risk our lives or loved ones.

Advantages of Online Shopping

  • You don’t have to go to mall or market, you can order just by sitting at home.
  • For doing shopping you don’t have to stand and wait in a long queue
  • Even you can avail discounts, as usually there discounts or sale going on
  • You can order anytime as they are 24 hours available at your service.
  • No parking hassles
  • You can read review of every product before ordering

In this pandemic situation, online shopping was only option left as; Covoid-19 can easily be transferred from person to person. To decrease the chances of contact people avail the facility of online shopping. Due to which there was no traditional shopping. No doubt our lives changes drastically. The people who use to oppose online shopping and do traditional shopping are forced to do online shopping as they don’t have any option left. Finally people get to know the importance of online shopping due to which we have survived. Everything has pros and cons. But in this 2020 only online shopping was our savior.

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